Tip 2 – Preparation is key

Preparation is crucial for any successful negotiation. Often, people skip or rush this step, but being well-prepared can set you apart and give you a significant advantage. Proper preparation equips you with the knowledge, confidence, and strategy needed to achieve your desired outcomes. In negotiations, preparation isn’t just helpful—it’s essential.

Ready to start your preparation? 🤔

✅ Set clear objectives

Determine what you want to achieve. Clear and realistic goals help you stay focused and direct the negotiation towards your desired outcome.

✅ Be clear on your limits

Identify your non-negotiables and areas where you can be flexible. This helps you manage discussions with greater confidence and clarity.

✅ Know the party in front of you

Learn about the person or organization you’re negotiating with. Understanding their goals and needs can give you valuable and powerful insights.

✅ Consider their perspective

Avoid viewing the situation only from your standpoint. Understand the other party’s viewpoint to better guide the conversation.

✅ Prepare for counterarguments

Anticipate objections and counteroffers. Having prepared responses will help you stay composed and persuasive.

✅ Draft key questions and listen actively

Create a list of questions to uncover the other party’s true interests. Use don’t forget to practice active listening as we discussed in a previous ‘”tip of the month”!

✅ Role-Play the negotiation

Practice with a colleague or mentor. Role-playing helps refine your approach and boosts your confidence.

✅ Gather supporting information

Have all necessary data, facts, and documents ready. Being able to reference concrete information strengthens your position and credibility.

💡Bonus Tip: Use a preparation checklist

Before starting a negotiation, review a checklist of your preparation steps. This ensures you’ve covered all bases and are fully prepared.

Still need to be convinced ?

We highly recommend you give it a try, and you’ll notice the difference. After all, who wouldn’t want to boost their knowledge, power, and confidence before starting a key discussion?

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