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Business Boost

Unleashing Business Development Skills

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Table of Contents

Brief overview

The “Business Boost” training module focuses on enhancing commercial methodologies, processes, and strategic drive to drive business growth. This module delves into the core aspects of business development, equipping participants with the skills and techniques necessary to achieve outstanding results in their commercial efforts. The program also offers adaptability for Sales Managers to explore (Key) Account Management methodologies, including account planning, retention, and acquisition.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Participants will gain clarity on the distinction between factors they can directly control (commercial efforts) and those that are subject to external influences (commercial results). By recognizing this difference, they can prioritize optimizing their efforts and strategies to drive positive outcomes.
Through collaborative exercises, participants will develop well-defined and actionable plans that align with their targets and objectives. These plans will lay the foundation for a more systematic and focused approach to business development, maximizing their chances of success.
Participants will conduct a thorough analysis of past customer relationships and interactions with prospects. By identifying challenges faced and opportunities leveraged, they can extract valuable lessons to inform their future strategies and avoid repeating past mistakes.
This section will delve into the process of profiling and segmenting customers and prospects based on specific criteria such as attractiveness and competitive positioning. By creating a dynamic territory mapping tool, participants can allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on target segments with higher potential for success.
Participants will learn to systematically qualify leads and opportunities to ensure they invest their time and efforts on the right targets. Implementing a structured approach will help them prioritize prospects with the highest likelihood of converting into successful deals, ultimately improving sales efficiency and outcomes.


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