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Value Drive

Master Value-Based Selling

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Brief overview

In the “Value Drive” training module, participants will learn the art of value-based selling to excel in their sales performance. This training empower commercial team members, including Sales Managers and their team members, to effectively articulate the value of their offerings. Through interactive workshops and a co-creating mindset, this training cultivates a sustainable value culture across teams, enhancing their sales performance and customer relationships. Participants will develop essential skills and techniques to communicate value, overcome obstacles, and achieve outstanding results in their sales conversations.

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Course content

Participants will delve into the essential components that make selling pitches compelling and effective. They will gain insights into the art of value articulation and discover key ingredients that enhance their ability to communicate the unique value of their products or services.

Participants will learn valuable methods from various industries that enable them to quantify the value of their offerings. By making value tangible, they can engage in more impactful conversations with customers, showcasing the concrete benefits and return on investment.

We will emphasize crucial skills that are vital for successful sales conversations. Through team exercises and roleplays, participants will practice active listening, effective questioning techniques, and objection handling to build more engaging and persuasive interactions with potential clients.
Understanding the psychology behind customer decision-making is fundamental to influencing their choices. Participants will explore the principles of persuasion and cognitive biases that affect customer behavior. Armed with this knowledge, they can enhance their convincing skills and effectively navigate through sales conversations.

Mastering the synchronization of buying and selling cycles is critical for commercial success. Participants will learn how to align their sales processes with the customer’s buying journey, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience. They will also develop comprehensive commercial toolkits that encompass value articulation, proposal techniques, objection handling, and closing strategies. Applying these methods to real-life scenarios through roleplays and soundboarding will prepare participants for upcoming situations, enhancing their overall sales performance.


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