Emo Mastery

Unlocking Emotional Selling Techniques

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Brief overview

The “Emo Mastery” training module focuses on human behavior, perception, and soft skills essentials in customer relationships. Inspired by neuroscience principles and theater techniques, this program opens participants’ eyes and enhances their convincing competencies. Participants will explore emotional selling, the impact of the brain on decision-making, left and right brain dynamics, emotional signals, and effective emotional communication. By understanding customers’ emotions and identifying drivers behind buying decisions, participants will adapt their pitches and approaches to build successful relationships.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Participants will be introduced to the concept of Emotional Selling, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how emotions influence customer relationships and buying decisions. We will set the foundation for exploring emotional intelligence and its application in sales.

Delving into neuroscience principles, participants will explore the brain’s three main layers and their impact on decision-making processes. Understanding the brain’s role in emotional perception will help participants develop empathy and tailor their sales approach accordingly.

This section will focus on tapping into the creative potential of the right brain. Through exercises and activities, participants will discover how to use their creative thinking to resonate with customers emotionally, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively.

Participants will learn to interpret non-verbal signals and body language during customer interactions. It will enable participants to respond with empathy and adjust their communication to create stronger connections.

This segment will teach participants powerful techniques for effective emotional communication with customers. The “Push-Pull” concept will be explored, and participants will identify customers’ interpersonal styles to adapt their pitches and approaches accordingly, and build lasting relationships.


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