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Negotiate Smart

Powering The Art of “Getting to An Agreement”

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Table of Contents

Brief overview

The “Negotiate Smart” training module focuses on separating the convincing phase from the negotiation phase to achieve better agreement outcomes. After completing this program, participants will be equipped to prepare conversations effectively, define strategies, anticipate challenges, create scenarios, react wisely, and demonstrate creativity during negotiations. This training delves into key negotiation aspects, attitudes, preparation techniques, and various negotiation methods to empower participants to excel in commercial negotiations.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Participants will engage in a comprehensive analysis of their past negotiations, assessing both successful and challenging instances. By evaluating these experiences, they will gain valuable insights into the factors that influenced the outcomes and identify areas for improvement in their negotiation strategies.

This section will focus on understanding the dilemmas faced by parties involved in negotiations and their respective expectations. By delving into the motivations and concerns of the involved parties, participants will be better equipped to navigate through negotiation scenarios effectively.


Participants will explore how effective preparation can significantly impact the success of negotiations. They will be encouraged to utilize their commercial skills to plan for win-win scenarios, considering available knowledge, time constraints, and potential collaborative opportunities. This emphasis on preparation will equip participants to approach negotiations more confidently and strategically.

Through roleplays, participants will experience various negotiation attitudes and styles. This hands-on approach will allow them to recognize different approaches and understand the implications of adopting specific negotiation attitudes in different contexts.

Participants will navigate an extensive range of negotiation tactics, empowering you to identify, react, and creatively employ strategies in real-world negotiation scenarios.


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