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Key Accounts

Elevating Strategic Customers Relationships

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Brief overview

In the “Key Accounts” training module, participants will delve into the art of strategic Key Account Management to retain and grow business with their dedicated customers. This training empowers commercial team members, including Key Account Managers and Sales Representatives, to nurture valuable customer relationships and drive sustainable growth. Through interactive workshops and collaborative strategies, participants will master the skills to navigate complex customer needs, foster loyalty, and maximize account potential.

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Course content

Participants will explore the fundamentals of strategic Key Account Management, including objectives, segmentation, targeting, and positioning. They will learn how to identify key accounts that drive significant value and how to allocate resources effectively.

Understanding the customer journey within key accounts is essential for successful account management. Participants will learn how to map touchpoints, anticipate needs, and proactively address challenges, fostering long-term loyalty.

Building on a deep understanding of customer needs, participants will discover strategies to tailor their interactions with key accounts. Through case studies and interactive discussions, they will practice creating personalized engagement plans that resonate with each account’s objectives.

Managing Decision Making Units (DMU) and Decision Making Processes (DMP) are crucial to take the right decisions and bring the right opportunities to closing.

Unlocking growth within key accounts requires a proactive approach. Participants will delve into techniques to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, ensuring sustained growth and maximizing account value.

Effective negotiation is critical in key account management. Participants will align defined account strategies towards negotiation strategies to maintain favorable terms, renew contracts, and explore upselling opportunities while preserving customer satisfaction.

Building a tailor-made and well-structured commercial account plan is a must. This strategic document serves as a roadmap, guiding businesses in nurturing relationships with clients and fostering sustainable growth. It supports the creation and help to lead internal teams towards common objectives.


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