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Leadership Edge

Leadership Edge: Growing Effective Sales Leadership Skills

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Table of Contents

Brief overview

In the “Leadership Edge” training module, participants will explore critical thinking, conflict management, and decision-making skills essential for effective sales leadership. This training empowers Sales Managers and their teams to enhance conflict resolution, decision-making, and leadership behavior. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants will develop the mindset of successful leaders and learn strategies to navigate challenges and drive growth.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Participants will explore how the brain influences thinking and growth strategies, rethink critical thinking for practical application, and keep their mindware fit for better decision-making. They will also understand the impact of bias and big data on reasoning and learn techniques to hack habits for improved thinking.

Create psychological safety for effective communication and leverage conflicts for growth and innovation. Apply models like Lencioni’s and non-violent communication techniques for conflict resolution. Develop skills for effective conflict handling and communication, including using the Thomas Killman model.

Train decision-making skills, address biases, understand emotions’ role, and manage oneself under pressure. Apply techniques to improve decision-making under challenging circumstances. Integrate techniques for complex decisions in fast-changing environments.

Participants will explore the principles of emotional intelligence, understanding its significance in leadership. They will learn techniques to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. We will enable leaders to connect on a deeper level with their teams and stakeholders.

Effective leaders navigate uncertainty and change with strategic prowess. We will focus on strategic thinking, adaptability, and leading through transformation. Participants will learn how to formulate and execute strategies, align teams, and thrive in dynamic business environments.


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