Mind Colors

Revealing Personalities with Insight Discovery

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Brief overview

In the “Mind Colors” training module, participants will dive into the fascinating world of personalities using the Insights Discovery methodology, based on the psychology of Carl Jung. This training equips individuals with tools to understand themselves and others better, fostering effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Through a comprehensive exploration of different personality types represented by distinct colors, participants will unlock the power of self-awareness and interpersonal understanding, leading to enhanced relationships and overall team performance.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Participants will explore the foundation of the Insights Discovery methodology, its four-color model, and how it relates to personalities. This forms the basis for a common language that helps individuals understand themselves and their colleagues better.

Delving into the four primary color energies, participants will explore each personality type’s characteristics, strengths, and potential challenges. This knowledge facilitates improved communication, empathy, and collaboration among team members.

Through interactive exercises and team activities, participants will learn to adapt their communication styles to connect with different personalities. They will discover how to collaborate more effectively, leverage individual strengths, and address potential conflicts constructively.

Understanding the emotions underlying human interactions is essential for cohesive teams. Participants will explore the role of emotional intelligence in relationships and learn how to create an environment where giving and receiving feedback is integral to growth.

Participants will use their color energy profile as a foundation for personal development. They will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, building a roadmap to become more effective communicators and team members.


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