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Conflict Ease

Managing Conflicts and Difficult Conversations

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Table of Contents

Brief overview

In the “Conflict Ease” training module, participants will delve into the realms of conflict management and mastering challenging discussions. This training equips leaders with the ability to foster psychological safety, effectively manage conflicts, and conduct tough conversations that drive innovation and growth. Through practical exercises and interactive sessions, participants will develop strategies to navigate conflicts and conversations with confidence.

Duration and timeline


Course content

Understand the significance of open communication and its impact on dialogue. Explore strategies to establish, nurture, and assess a culture of trust within teams.

Discover conflicts as catalysts for innovation and growth. Apply  model for conflict resolution. Practice non-violent communication techniques for constructive conflict handling.

Utilize “Dare to Lead” principles for guiding challenging conversations. Prepare for tough conversations using self-awareness and courage. Learn techniques to navigate diverse personality types and situations.

Enhance communication impact through words, body language, and media usage. Understand push/pull techniques and role authority usage. Decode situations for desired impact and learn spatial relationship dynamics.

Learn the art of making solid agreements. Apply the power of a positive “no” to ensure alignment with corporate goals.


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