Tip #3 – Build lasting relationships


After exploring the importance of active listening and good preparation, let’s now focus on strengthening relationships. Good relationships can make a significant difference in negotiations, sales, and daily interactions. Excellent relationships, however, can make you a preferred partner and set you apart from competitors.



Here are simple ways to build strong and lasting relationships:  

Show genuine interest

As highlighted in our first tip on active listening, be interested in the people you talk to, not just the business. Ask about their interests, concerns, and hopes. People are more willing to collaborate when they feel understood and valued.

Communicate regularly

Don’t reach out only when you need something. Send regular updates, check in, and engage in friendly conversations. This builds trust and fosters closeness.

Keep your promises

Trust is fundamental in any relationship. Always do what you say. If something changes, communicate it quickly and clearly. Delays or changes are often well accepted if they are well communicated.

Respect differences

Accept different perspectives and cultures. Respecting others can enhance mutual understanding and uncover new solutions.

Add value

Always try to be helpful. Share advice, resources, or contacts that could benefit the other person, even without immediate return.

Ask for feedback

Regularly ask how you can improve your interactions. This shows that you care about the relationship and are committed to continuous improvement.

Celebrate together

Celebrate successes together. Recognizing each other’s contributions strengthens bonds and fosters a happier relationship.

💡 Bonus tip: Be 100% sincere

Sincerity is crucial. If you are not sincere and act only out of self-interest, these tips won’t work. Always be honest in your communications and genuinely care about the other person’s well-being and success. 


In conclusion?

By focusing on these relationship-building strategies, you can foster trust and respect, leading to better deals, more successful interactions, and a more enjoyable professional life. Let’s implement these ideas and watch how our conversations improve!


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