The 5 types of sales professionals


Understanding the different types of sales professionals can help companies identify areas for improvement and growth. It’s also crucial for sellers to recognize their own category to either excel in their current role or transition to a different one. Here’s a breakdown of the various categories of sales professionals in the commercial field:


Which type are you?

Type 1 – Client relationship oriented 🤝

  • Typical question: “How are you and your company doing today?”
  • Focus: Building strong relationships and ensuring immediate client satisfaction. Challenges may include handling “NOs” effectively.


Type 2 – Product oriented  📦

  • Typical question: “Have you heard about our latest product? It could meet your needs.”
  • Focus: Deep knowledge of products to recommend the best fit for the client’s needs. Pricing questions can pose a challenge.


Type 3 – Service oriented 🛠️

  • Typical question: “What challenges are you currently facing with your existing processes?”
  • Focus: Understanding client challenges to offer tailored services. The challenge lies in valuing these services appropriately.


Type 4 – Solution oriented 🎯
  • Typical question: “How can we help you optimize your processes to increase your efficiency?”
  • Focus: Using a consultative approach to create customized solutions that meet specific client needs. Managing Decision-Making Units (DMUs) might be a challenge.


Type 5 – Change oriented 🚀
  • Typical question: “Where do you see your business in five years, and how can we help you get there through innovations?”
  • Focus: Envisioning solutions that transform the client’s business by anticipating and shaping future industry trends.


Reflect and assess

Consider the types of sales professionals on your team. Which category aligns with your business needs? What category do you aspire to reach? Recognizing these profiles can lead to better strategies and improved performance.


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